This fixture was developed for wall-washer light originally, but when it was done, people found it can be used for downlight, too. That’s the reason why TELORA has more detail function than the normal downlight, therefore it could create special lighting atmosphere and become the useful tool when the designer wants to have the certain kind of feeling.

Provided by:Lighting SOU Co., Ltd

New product launched LEDLINEAR

Luci as the official partner of “LED LINEAR” will introduce this advanced and high-sense LED lighting fixture to Japan. LED LINEAR is a German brand established in May, 2005 and is a lighting fixture supplier that uses the flexible substrate to be the foundation of the products. The product with the new innovation of the “Dotless Curve” is good for using in the outdoor or the small space outside. We hope this new product feature will be useful for your lighting design plan from now on.

Product Details:https://www.luci.co.jp/jp/products/result
Provided by:Luci Pte. Ltd


A Stylish & Functional User Interface
Life Is Not Black and White. Enjoy Your Color with ILLUSTRIS

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Product Details:http://www.rayos.jp/helvar/lighting/dali/illustris.html
Provided by:Rayos JAPAN

New Product from ZETA

1, Minimal size with high brightness (760lm/M), high color rendering (Ra95) and color temperature from 2600 to 4200K. Customized ordering is acceptable.
2, Size (25mm Xn+10mm) of the fixture is able to correspond with small space
3, Multiple connection, lead wire can be adjusted, customized
4, Customized color is available for the case of the texture
5, The maintenance is easy because the correspond voltage and the power source are DC24V

Provided by:ZETA CREATES