"Light for the Senior Citizens" LOOG X at light laboratory

The aging society is the current situation in most developed countries, therefore people are paying a lot of attention to the care business towards the senior citizens, especially the commercial, residential, hospitality, and caring facilities. Lighting is also a very important part for us to think of when talking about this topic. After the common usage of LED has been brought to reality, what kind of phenomenon had been brought to the seniors is what we are going to learn in this seminar as well. The representation of "at light laboratory", the lighting consultant, Astsuko Tachikawa will cooperate with LOOG to held a seminar together in this September. She will explain the method of how to making the best lighting environment to the senior citizens and what is the most comfortable light for them.
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It’s All about LED

This time LOOG invited the specialist of LED from the manager of SORAA Japan, Masaichi Kumikawa and the director of Workteckt, Atsushi Kaneda to be the speakers. During the seminar, they used the chronology of lighting to explain the background of LED. We, people who work in the lighting industry, takes LED as an existence like air, this seminar gives us a chance to reconsider the meaning of it. The participants were asked to give their opinions towards to LED and had opportunities to ask questions as well. In the end, everyone shared ideas of the future LED. WorkshopInfo1<

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Stories behind the LED

The 1st seminar of LOOG: Stories behind the LEDwill be presented on 27th April by SORAA Kumikawa v.s Worktecht Kaneda. It will start from 18:30 to 21:30 with light food and drink. We are using LED every day without knowing what it is.LOOG is going to discuss this topic in our 1st Seminar. Welcome to drop by to discuss and share your ideas with us.
If you are interested in this seminar, please contact to anita@worktecht.comwith the numbers of participants and your name. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to seeing you!

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Does light really have the power to make the ingredient and the meals more delicious?

In this workshop, we used two different lights with different qualities to shooting on the different kinds of ingredients with different colors. After that, we used the same lights to apply to the cold and the hot meals. The participants of this workshop include people from lighting and non-lighting industries, so we had a chance to hear about the opinions from people who don't belong to the lighting industry. According to the mood, the physical condition and the needs of the viewer and the location, the requirements of the light are different, too.
We invited one lighting specialist, Mr. Kumikawa, the representative of SORAA Japan and one food specialist Ms. Kata, the representative of +sachi studio to join our discussion. Together with the director of Worktecht, the lighting designer, Mr. Kaneda, we had an interesting workshop with many different points of views to the lighting.

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What Is Control System?

It has been 200 years since the first incandescent ball was created. At the beginning, the control system is only for making the incandescent ball lasts longer, but gradually it becomes the tool of making lighting-scene. Now the role of the control system is not only for saving the power of LED, but for controlling the lighting fixture. The members of LOOG learned the basic of it to brash the skills of handling light. WorkshopInfo1<

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History of Decorative Lighting

Before the incandescent ball has been created, the lighting fixture has existed. Sometimes it is only for the functional usages, but sometimes it is the signature for the power or as an element of the architecture itself. The lighting fixture in the different countries has its own historical background and story, therefore nowadays there is various lighting style. We learned about it and we were trying to be closer to it. WorkshopInfo1< WorkshopInfo2


Design Approach of Decorative Lighting

In this workshop, we divided the members of LOOG into teams. And every team tried to design the decorative lighting. It was held in the style of small competition among teams. The participants used the basic knowledge learned from the workshop, made the drawing for design, and did a presentation in the end. Turn a unique idea into a drawing is a way to experience the joys of design. WorkshopInfo1< WorkshopInfo2