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The name of LOOG is made from the initial of “Lighting”, “Original”, “Opportunity” and “Global”. We also published paper media to record what happened in this community 1-2 times a year. The main theme is to think and create a better future for the lighting industry with the members from lighting designer, lighting fixture makers, distributor and others.


LED has became the main trend in the lighting industry in 21th century, and it has brought huge economic benefits since then. However, mot people only have negative opinions towards to the industry after 2020. And if we, the lighting designer don’t change our mind into active mode, one day our vision will became negative, too. That’s the reason why we made a community LOOG together with young lighting designers, and suppliers to create a new vision for the lighting industry.


LOOG holds the periodic workshop with different topics and invites panelists from outside to create the chance to do various experiences. Also, LOOG goes to the site of product-making about twice a year. This regular trip is called “Lighting Trip”. Together with the workshop, both of them are the main activities of LOOG


NewsPaper is a paper media to report whats happening in LOOG. Newspapers that inform about activity information, lighting design, member products, etc. are available on the web service "issuu".


  • ピー・エム・シー株式会社
  • 株式会社ライティング創
  • 株式会社ルーチ
  • ASTERISK LightWorks inc.
  • Rayos Ltd.