Glass Making Factory Trip

Visiting the Site of Glass-Making
Glass Artist: Chisa Imamura

Lighting and glass has always been good match with each other. LOOG went to the glass-making factory where the glass artist Chisa Imamura creates her works. All members experienced the process of making a glass.

Cooperate with:CHISA IMAMURA

We Do What We Can Do as a Manufacturing Factory. The craftman group which makes the expectation into the shape

The General Lighting Factory in East Osaka

LOOG hold the trip in the comprehensive factory, SCM, where produces the architecture lighting sometimes. At the factory site, we saw the making process of aluminum cast & reflecting plates. In the end there was a discussion between the lighting designer and factory representer.


The Haute Couture of Architectural Lighting. It Is Only for You

Challenging Ourselves to Make a Unique Maker of Architectural Lighting Fixture

The members of LOOG went to visit Lighting SOU, the company percepts itself as the “Haute Couture” of the architectural lighting fixture. The suppliers who are the members of LOOG were very interested in the episodes of the fixtures which are produced by the different factory. It was a trip with many interesting contents.

Cooperate with:Lighting SOU

The Innovation of the Kyoto Cushion to Fit in the Modern Life Style

Our job is to delivery high quality sleeping and relax environment

This time the members of LOOG went to visit “DAITOU SHINGU”, a historic company which sells sleeping goods and Japanese Cushion. And we went for seeking the ideas to link lighting with it. Most of the lighting fixture is in the western style now, after visiting, we started to think about how to make the original style for Japanese lighting fixture.


Passion Is the Driving Force In My Career

After Presenting YUZENCHOKOKU As an Art. It Gained a Highly Esteemed Reputation Oversea.

Because of the spreading of computer technology, the essential skill for the YUZEN KIMONO, YUZEN CHOKOKU is getting lost, and the inheritances are getting less, too. LOOG went to the producing site of YUZEN CHOKOKU to find out if there is any chance to collaborating lighting with it.

Cooperate with:Nishimura Yuzen Chokoku